Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twenty Twenty Self-Titled Album 1985

Twenty Twenty was a synthesizer-led stadium rock band from Louisiana that seemed to emulate such art-rockers as Styx and Kansas. The Group's debut album was produced by Billy Smiley of White Heart. The Song "You Are So True" is a martial anthem with it's repetitive chorus addressed to Jesus: "You are so true / I said that, you are so true / I know that, you are so true." Another track, "You Can Know Them All," is commercially melodic and invites the listen to get to know the entire Trinity: "Three-In-One are living today / and you can know them all." Twenty Twenty's lead singer, Ron Collins, told CCM in 1985 that the group's focus was on ministry to church youth: "Often at our concerts, we try to reach the young person who goes to church but isn't really there. They only go because they were brought up in church or their parents made them go." this was written by Mark Allen Powell page 968 in  his book The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. Please enjoy this album and let me know what you think Thank you
The Members of Band Are:
Ernie Chaney, Keyboard
Ron Collins, Vocals
Greg Herrington, Drums
Gary McAnelly, Bass
Roscoe Meek, Guitar

Songs On This Album Are:
1. You Are So True
2. Security Code
3. War Games
4. His Fame
5. Second Mile
6. Love To Go
7. He's Still There
8. Dangerzone
9. You Can Know Them All
10. World Premier

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  1. Many thanks for posting this and their other album (Altered). Wish I had the full track of Hold Your Head Up to contribute, but alas, it is hard to find, indeed. (Should've kept my cassettes...)