Wednesday, January 9, 2013

911 Time Will Tell 1986

This is a very great sounding album and very rare and hard to find rock LP I could only find a 1 cassette listed on amazon for like 32 dollars if you love rock you may want to grab this download 
Members Of group and workers on LP Are:

Songs Are 
1. Time Will Tell
2. Do You
3. Believe
4. Is It Any Wonder
5. A Memory
6. Where Are You Now
7. Too Cool
8. Pick Me Up
9. East From West
10. Are You Willing


  1. Replies
    1. this is what i have on them band members are
      Kiko Campo, Vocals
      Cathi Denman, Vocals
      T-Bone Denman, Guitar
      Brian Hicks, Keyboards
      John Klingbiel, Bass
      Eric Stretz, Drums
      Kristi Stretz, Vocals
      1986 Album - Time Will Tell Exile Records

      Bio On Group

      911 Was a sibling vocal trio similar to 2nd Chapter Of Acts with a four-person rhythm section. Kiko Campo and his two sisters, Cathi Denman and Kristi Stretz, harmonized on songs that sought to "answer the questions that both Christians and non-Christians struggle with in life." The group, which included the two sisters' spouses, was based in Las Vegas and often played on the West Coast. Their song "Where Are You Now?" garnered the most radio airplay
      that is all I have on them, I sure hope this helps you out, if you would like to know the books i use to find this stuff out they are on amazon and the first one is becoming cheaper which comes with a CD-ROM where you can put the book on your laptop or computer that book is called Encyclopdedia Of Contemporary Christian Music By Mark Allan Powell Link is here for book on amazon
      the other book id becoming more rare and hard to find and may be a little more expensive this book is called Archivist 4th Edition Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980 here is the link for this one this one can only be found here not on amazon for 21.00 dollars or on that same page you can have it in i-book form for 9.99 hope this gives you great help and info you need anything else just email me back I will be working on my blog when i get time and more music in I sure hope you joined my blog thank you for writing me please do so again Phil

  2. Awesome group, awesome album. I had the pleasure of meeting them at Son Song Studios in Las Vegas back in the last 90's. I even got an accompaniment track from them so could sing it in church ("Are You Willing"). I'm sorry they never made anymore music - although I do have a cassette from them of earlier music (before Time Will Tell - a demo tape, but sadly it won't play anymore. :(

  3. I have the original album I only played once. Would you like to buy it? Gloria

    1. I would love to buy the vinyl or any hard copy you have but i cant afford to pay too much for it you can email me gloria